Everyone’s favorite facial treatment!

  • Helps fight signs of aging
  • Treats acne blemishes and scar tissue
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Rids skin of blackheads and whiteheads
  • Reduces pore size
  • Reduces age spot and hyper pigmentation
  • Reduces some stretch marks
  • Improves texture and complexion of entire skinFor the best results a series of treatments are recommended.

1/2 hour Microdermabrasion $65

Up to 1 hour of Microdermabrasion $85

Enjoy a relaxing and conditioning facial along with a microdermabrasion treatment- 1 hour $95 / 1 1/2 hour $115 (includes cleansing, microdermabrasion, steam, masque, moisturizing massage of the face, neck and shoulders and hands, followed by a light sunblock.

Purchase five Pink Laser Spa Microdermabrasion treatments and receive your next one FREE!

$200 and up10% discount given for a purchase of 3 treatments

Photo Rejuvination treatments are beneficial for just about any and all types of skin. Regardless of what’s preventing your skin from looking its best, Photo Rejuvination can get to the root of the problem and litteraly transform your skin. The Photo Facial effectively increases the production of collagen and elastin for more youthful skin. A series of 4-6 treatments are suggested three weeks apart. A good SPF and moisturizer will be advised, also avoiding the sun for 1-2 days. Microdermabrasion is excellent way to compliment the photo facial post treatment.

Treatment: Sun Damage, Age Spots, Freckles, Skin Pigment Irregularities, Suggested areas are: face, chest, hands, arms, legs – Result: Lifting off of darker pigment and an evening out of skin, pigment will slough of in 1-2 weeks.

Treatment: Roseacia, any flushing of the cheeks, chin , nose, forehead, broken capillaries “spider viens” – Result:The IPL gently cauterizes capillaries, evens out skin tone, so you do not have the red or pink “flushing”.

Treatment: Fine lines – Result: The IPL Photo Facial stimulates the deeper layers of skin to produce collagen which tightens the outer layer of skin.

Treatment: Acne scars on any part of the body – Result: Lifting of the darkened Scar and within 1-2 weeks will slough off.


Can be added to most facial treatments. $25


Custom Facial1 hour $65

Using products suitable for each individual, includes a gentle cleanse, exfoliate, masque, massage, extractions, tone and moisturize.


Acne TreatmentUp to 1 1/2 hr $90

This treatment differs per individual. We use products designed to digest and kill bacteria, extractions and microdermabrasion. Also we utilize a tool called the “high frequency” to produce oxygen and again, kill bacteria. You will see results immediately.


Facial Massage30 minutes $40

This facial is great for relaxation and brightening the complexion. Includes a cleanse, exfoliate, masque massage of the face, neck, shoulders and hands, moisturizer and sunblock.

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